The Lucia N°03
Hypnagogic Psychedelic Vibrationally Enhanced Meditation Light Experience

The Lucia N°03 gently entrains the brain, stimulates the pineal gland and opens up a beautiful internal space for visionary exploration.


The Lucia N°03 helps clear the mind and allows even beginning meditators to reach a space of peace quickly. It is not a replacement for a meditation practice but quite the opposite - it encourages people to meditate by realizing how powerful the practice can be and gives them the confidence (and roadmap) to get there on their own. As the Lucia is both a stimulation (through light), and a relaxation (through brain entrainment), it helps the individual learn to let go in stressful situations, rather than resist and make things even more difficult. The Lucia N°03 also uses a wide spectrum of light which has been reported to have a great impact for people with both seasonal affective disorder and other types of depression.

Lucia N°03 is a neuro-stimulator, which combines a stroboscope ( flickering light), flexible in both, speed and intensity, with a constant light, available in different degrees of brightness. The computer-controlled interaction of these light sources activates different ways of experiencing (seeing intense worlds of color and shape, a sense of leaving the body etc.) allowing for an impressive individual light experience that is different every time.

Lucia N°03 creates wave patterns in the EEG that would usually only appear after several years of meditation practice. Since this involves a real neurostimulation and not an optical post-image phenomenon, each session is different.

Lucia N°03 allows for a transcendental experience as it is usually seen only under extreme conditions (during high performance sport, through using entheogenic substances or in near-death experiences) and consequently triggers the same positive effects. The experience value is one of a kind and the effects are noticeably intense, even after the very first use. 


Lucia N°03 plus Acoustic Resonance Therapy achieves without any effort or long-term practice:

  • rapid and sustained deep relaxation

  • increased learning capacity and performance

  • “slowing down”

  • timelessness and spacelessness

  • expansion of awareness

  • immersion in worlds of colour and shape and never before seen


  • deep emotions and a strong feeling of happiness

  • integrated embodied spiritual experiences 

The Lucia light experience is different for each person, as it works with each person's individual system and has a balancing effect. Everyone feels more clear and centered after an experience, while some people feel more energized or deeply relaxed.

While a 6 session series is recommended to help rewire the brain's pathways related to response to stress, even one session is a profound experience that will stay with the person for at least 24 hours afterwards.


Private Session

$85 for 1 session (60 minutes)

Small Private Group Session

groups of 2-4

$50 per person