Welcome to iReVIBE

Colorado’s only Acoustic Resonance, Psychedelic, Embodiment-Based, Meditation, Biohacking, Relaxation Studio.

We assist in human upleveling and enhancing conscious evolution.

By combining scientifically backed transformational technologies inside an energetically tuned and consciously held space, you can feel into the amazing intelligence that lies with your body and playfully integrate it.

Come in and feel how curated emerging cutting edge technology can expand your consciousness.


Lucia Light No. 3: Hypnogogic Psychedelic Meditation Lamp gently entrains harmonic brain states.

So Sound Acoustic Resonance Technology Yoga Boards: supreme integration and harmonically intelligent resonating beds.

The level of relaxation is nearly impossible to describe and different for everyone, everytime! Your left brain cannot track it!

The progression of energetic integration and consciousness awakening is accumulative, reflective, and responsive!

This experience is not for everyone.

If it resonates, you will be the first to know.

Your body will make it very clear.

Do you want to deeply contact relaxation, release stress and expand your level embodied grounded presence?

Are you ready to explore cutting edge transformational technology?

Experience Acoustic Resonance Therapy combined with the Lucia No. 3 Meditation Lamp ~ Sign up here for Class Schedule and Events