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Nap Time

Learn to relax your body, and the resonant frequencies will flow right through you. 

These 45 minute horizontal meditations naturally guide your nervous system to profound relaxation, deep letting go and a broadened sense of being grounded in the flow state, gentle.  You will feel the powerful effect slowing down and resting has on your life.    


Sitting Meditation 101

(Vibrationally Enhanced)

Exploring the Embodiment of Resonant Awareness through Sitting Meditation

Join us for a 45 minute meditation session.  We will dive into the next phase of working with our sound vibration chairs; the practice of sitting meditation. 
You will experience contacting and aligning your spine, feeling it fill with breath, resonance, and the awareness of embodied space.  Sitting meditation plus Acoustic Resonance Therapy gradually opens pure awareness into your spine, belly, and pelvis, awakening  and potentiating the subtle yet extremely powerful cranial sacral fluid system that is the intelligence of the spine; activating the spine, belly, and pelvis to become a powerful tool of awareness, a bridge to feel into the space of the body and observe the dynamics of inner fluid space.

Your capacity to stabilize your awareness in the spine, belly and pelvis will gradually awaken, stabilize and deepen;  you will naturally deepen the state of Pure Awareness, beyond the conceptual mind.    


iReVIBE Experiential 

We offer 3 iReVIBE experiences in one class as a way to unplug, rest and reset for starting your weekend off relaxing and shedding any built up stress ball from the week. 

We will offer you to experience a small dose of CBD oil extract provided by HempConnex, however it is not required.  If you are curious about CBD oil, this is great way to experience how this gentle yet powerful plant can impact your ability to relax and reduce stress. 

You will start by laying down on a Acoustic Resonance Therapy Vibrational board for 40 total minutes, a short guided meditation/breath practice will be given as well.  Groups of 4  will be offered 20 minutes under the Lucia No. 3 Psychedelic Hypnogogic Meditation Light combined with Vibrational Sound Boards.  To finish the evening off, a 15 minute Group Sitting Meditation experience on our Vibrationally enhanced Sitting Meditation Chairs.

This is a major energetic reset designed to give you clarity and lightness of being.  You will relax, clear your mind, release stress, and drop into your body in 1 hour.